Putin’s Presidential Limousine Debuts at the Geneva Motor Show

Vladimir Putin’s presidential Limousine debuted at the Geneva Motor Show this year.

The Aurus Limo Senat series L700 drew international attention when it brought the Russian president to his inauguration in 2018.
Russian minister of trade, Mr. Denis Manturov, told the president even gave the limo some feedback. The car designers rushed to implement it immediately.

The Russian president asked for “some very light amendments about, the hydraulic system of the car because we made it first quite soft, he asked to make some amendments to make it more, I would say stronger, maybe more brutal,” Manturov told reporters.

In 2013 Russia implemented the Cortege project, designed to bring the spotlight onto countries car manufacturing. The Research Automobile and Automotive Engines Institute is leading the project.

The interior of the limo is focusing greatly on the comfort of the passengers. The back seats can recline 45 degrees and there are several build in features such as drinks compartment, mini table, pillows and window shades. The drinks compartment sports a fancy refrigerator and Aurus-brand crystal glasses.

The limousine is expected to go on sale in the European market at the end of 2020.

Queen Elizabeth’s Bentley was Showcased at the Buckingham Palace in London this Month

July 2013 – London, England (reported by Chicago Limousine)

Bentley State Limousine Queen Elizabeth Fleet
Bentley State Limousine on a display at the Buckingham Royal Gardens in London

Buckingham Palace Gardens were hosting the Coronation festival this June. During this festival, Londoners had a rare opportunity to take a look at the royal Bentley State Limousine.  Queens limousine was showcased along some the other royal limousines.

The royal Bentley was the hit of the entire car showcase, which included a collection of Bentley limousines, and a Rolls Royce . The unique State Bentley was given to the queen back in 2002 to mark the anniversary of 50 years of her accession to the British throne.

The State Limousine has been featured in many articles and shows over TV and internet, many followers were familiar with the vehicle since 2002. However, now fans had a rare opportunity to get close to the vehicle, walk around it and take a peek inside this beautiful Chicago Limousine. Bentley’s director of Royal affiliations Richard Charlesworth claims “Millions of people were familiar with the State limo, however, now we give our people an exclusive opportunity to almost touch the Limousine”.

The Bentley was a result of the project “Diamond”, which was first started in 2000. Its goal was to craft a vehicle that would allow a clear and unobstructed view of Queen Elizabeth. The project gathered a team of designers from all over the world that created a stunning panoramic glasshouse that was not only clear but also taller than other Bentleys. Some Chicago based designers were also involved in the process.

The vehicle is a state of art Bentley. Pictures brought to you by Chicago Limo service http://elitechicagolimo.com/chicago_party_bus_limousine.html




A Limousine Service App May be Forced out of Chicago Streets Next Year

Article by Elite Chicago Limo Service Blog

Chicago’s Department of Business Affairs and Consumer service is proposing new rules that could push a new limo app off of Chicago streets. A new popular San Francisco based App, Uber, was recently introduced in Chicago that allows passengers to quickly find available limousines nearby and book them through the phone. Currently, the App is available in 13 US cities, Chicago is one of them.

From the first day that the Uber was introduced to the Windy city, it was not welcomed by the local taxi cab companies. As a result, some of those cab companies teamed up and filed a lawsuit again the growing application claiming that it only contract some particular cab companies discriminating the others. Uber, on the other hand, says it works with individual drivers, not taxi companies.


This in not the first legal issue for the growing Limo App. At present, it is facing a battle that can be more dangerous for its future development. BACP proposed regulations which would not allow a limousine to have a device that would measure a distance, travel time or speed on board. Therefore, it would disallow to charge rates based on aforementioned points.

Some of the BACP proposals include:

“Outlaw any electronic measurement device”

“Prohibit the use of time or distance charges”

Uber responded to these new rules on heir blog. They claim the new “over-regulations” were created only to stop Uber to develop further and to force the App out of the major cities. It also claims that the regulation goes against how even the Chicago limo services are regulated.


The Application developers say “Chicago limousine companies already has fees in accordance to the distance, time and speed. We only help these calculations be more accurate, transparent and affordable.”

What that means is these rules are designed to benefit big established companies and block any new business idea that would come through to compete with them. The new App seems technologically advanced, fast it benefits individual drivers. This is exactly why it is seen as dangerous.

Uber claims it benefits around 1,000 Chicago limousine drivers. And if it is pulled out from the city, they would loose their income. Moreover, in this fast world where almost everybody has a smart phone, there is no way that such a piece of technology will be withheld. These Apps can be beneficial to Chicago as well as its residents. One question remains though: how about hose individual drivers that do not sign up with Uber and do not pay the monthly fee to get customers from it.

In any case, there is no denying Chicago limo service will be evolving as the world evolves. With smart phones almost in every person’s hand, some App will definitely come forward to stand out from the crowd. For more info visit http://www.elitechicagolimo.com

March Madness – Chicago’s Obsession

Right around March 1st, the most nerdy, least athletic guy in the office will start approaching everyone asking to join his College Hoops bracket. This guy is also the one who will be taking everyone’s money because he has developed a predictive model that encompasses statistics that some may have never even heard of. But no, this blog post is not about that guy, it’s about the fact that everyone will say yes to this madness that College Coops are. Chicago goes insane when it comes to picking their favorite teams to win and offering speculative bets on potential sweet sixteen candidates.

For the next month, the entire city of Chicago will be packed with fans, speculators, and people who don’t even know or understand the full rules of college basketball. The truth is rules and outcomes don’t really matter. It’s a full on social event and Chicago is all in for it. Whatever draws the people together is what Chicagoans care about and will do everything to make the most of this month.

The city of Chicago loves March Madness, and so do Chicago’s businesses. In terms of excitement, College Hoops match that of NFL Playoffs, Olympics, or even the Super Bowl. So in all of the public bars, venues, lounges, and clubs, you will see vinyl decorations flaring with Chicago’s favorite teams and basketball stars. Bar crawling through Chicago is the social norm, as office parties choose to coop in a Chicago Limo as they travel across the city from one location to the next, obsessively observing every basketball game.

Before everyone knows it, March Madness becomes no longer about winning, losing, or even watching the games, but rather enjoying each other’s company and making the most of the opportunity to get drunk and socialize. The truth of the matter is, as long as each party has a safe Chicago Limousine under their wing, there’s no need to think or brag about the results of the bracket.

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Chicago Limousine Service to Lollapalooza 2011

Chicago limousine service to lollapalooza festivalThis August Lollapalooza will celebrate it’s 20th anniversary. Get ready for rock, rap and even pop, dance and experimental music that will be heard all over the festival by ten thousands of people.

The festival founder, Perry Farrell claims he is extremely happy with how the festival evolved and what it is now. “I want to take care of my people,” Farrell said. “They’ve been with me for 20 years. That’s how I go. It’s a family-run business at this point.”

Get your Chicago limousine to Lollapalooza asap. The traffic will be extremely heavy on Michigan avenue on the festival days. Therefore, it is wisest to rent your transportation instead of trying to get there with your car. Limo service Chicago will pick you up, drive around Chicago if needed and drop you off at the festival on Columbus, Balbo or Jackson drive. Exactly the same way the SUV limo Chicago will pick you up when you are ready to leave and bring you to you desired destination.

Respect the Rules When Riding a Limo

So you have made a reservation and booked limo service Chicago for your event. Obviously, you are looking forward to the day of the event, and invite all your friends to join you in the cool ride in a limo. You expect loud music, dances and complimentary drinks. Everybody want to have fun bo rarely we thing about safety and precautions when riding a limo.

For your own safety, do not exceed the capacity of passengers inside the vehicle. If you have a 10 passenger Chicago limousine rented, but suddenly couple of you friends decide to join, do not wait and upgrade for a bigger car. You will be comfortable and safe in a bigger car, Don’t try to squeeze inside all the people.

Remember, that the limo does not become your property for the rental time. It is understandable if you spill some drinks, have empty cans laying around or accidentaly break the glass. Things happen, and it is ok. However,you do not have the freedom to permanently damage the vehicle. There are several things to know that are crucial before stepping into Chicago limousine.

Best Party Vehicles in Chicago

Know what is hot, new and in style! Meet our White Expedition SUV stretch Chicago limousine.

Chicago's coolest party limo

This vehicle features many new hot trends: firstly, we installed a big disco ceiling. If is custom made and has an unique design of curves and circles. There aren’t a same disco ceiling anywhere in the world or in any limo service Chicago car! It has a program of changing 8 different colors.

The second upgrade was a cirus green laser. If has 16 different play programs. It gives the effect of multiple separate dots on the surfaces around, whether it is a seat or your friend’s face! It can also adjust to the music bass beats and blink accordingly.

The third and the last feature that we introduced to this Chicago limousine was a hardwood flooring. It makes the limo cozy and elegant. Don’t forget that there are features as multiple TVs, surround system and strobe lights that were already in this car! Go to our website for more pictures and information! http://www.elitechicagolimo.com

Jeff Dunham Performance in Chicago

Comedian Jeff Dunham in ChicagoChicago Limousine recommends an event for this December:

With Jeff Dunham a wooden elderly curmudgeon starts living, a purple creature from the Micronesian islands starts talking and a jalapeno-on-a-stick starts joking. Jeff Dunham has fans throughout the whole world and has been performing in multiple comedy clubs. This December he comes to Chicago’s Allstate arena, 6920 North Mannheim Road. It is a great opportunity to see you favorite comedy performer and some good mood. See him this December 28 (Tuesday), at 7:00 pm.

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Paul Oakenfold & Roger Sanchez Concert this Friday November 19th

DJ Paul Oakenfold comes to ChicagoThis week Elite Chicago Limousine recommends:
Paul Oakenfold & Roger Sanchez Friday November 19th @House of Blues Chicago! Paul Oakenfold has long been one of the most important–if not the most important–name in modern club culture. This Friday go see him with Roger Sanchez along with Chuckie, Nervo, Sidney Mason at House of Blues 329 N Dearborn Chicago IL, 60610!

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Gorillaz With Special Guest N.E.R.D. this Saturday at UIC Pavilion

Gorillaz concert featuring NERDElite Chicago Limousine recommends: one more great event for rock, hip-hop lovers tonight!
Superstar rock, metal and hip hop band N.E.R.D. unites with British musical project Gorillaz for the concert this Saturday night at UIC Pavilion. Don’t miss out on this event!

If you have a big party going to this concert, go ahead and book SUV limo Chicago service with Elite! We will make it easy for you to plan the transportation and will free you from all the worries about parking, driving of getting towed! Also, if you book now, you can still get our special concert limo service Chicago package! Don’t wait, dial 312-201-1055 today!